“I have a LOT of tailoring books, both new and old. This is far and away the best book I’ve seen on women’s tailoring, and quite possibly on all tailoring, full stop.”

“It is the most detailed example of tailoring a jacket I have ever seen! Most couture books have bits and pieces and never seem to have the complete information  . . . this book really is the best!”

“I feel that the author should write more books to preserve the “lost art” of Tailoring. This man should be considered England’s “national treasure” and I bow to him in gratitude . . .  Hope to see more fabulous books on the subject and in the same manner.”

“All the information . . . is without the fluff of personal anecdotes, which is exactly what I want in a reference book . . . it even includes photographs of what steps should not look like.”

“The book is generously illustrated with clear photographs . . . I am a complete novice in Tailoring and when I embark on my first project it looks like . . . this book will answer my questions, even those I didn’t know to ask”