Unlike many tailors we do not offer one particular house style, but each commission is conceived as a special project in collaboration with the client according to their personality and preferences beyond current fashions.

We love to work with the customer as an individual and every aspect of the design and function of the garment is carefully considered, whether to suit a general lifestyle or to create something for a one off special occasion.

What distinguishes us from other bespoke tailors, is that we tailor for ladies with the same enthusiasm than for gentlemen. In fact we do not only make jackets, coats, skirts and trousers out of traditional woollen & worsted materials, but we equally excel at tailoring lighter and more fluid fabrics, silks, laces and embroideries into more exotic garments in the true tradition of ladies couture tailoring.

We also manufacture hats to complement a clients outfit.

If you have an idea for a garment get in touch with us to discuss a possible commission.