Bespoke Experience

At a time when sartorial desires can be satisfied by the click of a button for same day delivery, the process of commissioning bespoke clothes with lead times of 4-8 weeks could be considered anachronistic by some. However, connoisseurs of the finer things in life are prepared to wait for something totally unique, which enhances their personality, flatters their physique and is hand made out of beautiful material.

Bespoke is more than a manufacturing process, rather an elevating experience which allows an active involvement in the artisanal process of how your clothes are being manufactured, as well as an intimate connection with the designer and maker. A luxury not for everyone.

Unlike many tailors, we do not offer one particular house style, but each commission is conceived as a special project in collaboration with the client according to their personality and preferences beyond current fashions.

We love to work with the customer as an individual and every aspect of the design and function of the garment is carefully considered, whether to suit a general lifestyle or to create something for a one off special occasion.

Our orders are as diverse as our clients: we make classic and understated, yet luxurious suits for local lawyers, we have dressed distinguished ladies in exquisite confections to attend the Royal Wedding, award ceremonies and the season.

Our costumes have been seen on stages around the world to include Covent Garden and The Met NY. We have dressed David Suchet, Lesley Manville and for his last movie, Sir Daniel Day-Lewis.

Whether Hollywood star or local business(wo)man, we are known to treat each client with the same discretion, attention & expertise.